The Castle Fun Center Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about The Castle Fun Center or to book a birthday party, please contact us.

Is There An Admission Price For The Castle?

There is no admission price.

You simply purchase a Castle Card and pay only for the attractions you want. Just swipe your card for each attraction (including the arcade games!) and it will be deducted from the cards’ balance. You can put any amount on a Castle card. There is a $1 initial charge for new cards. Starting at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, we do require a minimum $10 Castle Card to be purchased by any unaccompanied minor.

Is The Castle Fun Center Open Year-Round?

Yes! Our indoor 50,000 square-foot facility is open year round.

Castle Fun Center activities include Roller Skating, Ballocity, Laser Tag, Free Fall, Laser Maze, Rock Climbing, Arcade, Restaurant & Pub. The mini golf and batting cages are seasonally operated March through October, weather permitting. Go karts may be closed at times during the winter months and/or inclement weather.

Do You Offer Discount Packages For Non-Profit Groups, Schools, Or Scouts?

Yes, The Castle offers discounts for certain organizations during our off-hours.

Please see our Attraction Discount & Groups Information Page for further information.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

No checks accepted, please. We do have an ATM on the premises.

What Are Castle Cards, Anyway?

A Castle Card is a rechargeable debit card that allows you to pay as you play.

Purchase a card for $1 and put on as little or as much as you want on the card. Just swipe your card at the scanner as you enjoy your attractions! Castle Cards never expire so be sure to keep yours with you! Unused points can not be refunded. Cards are used for all attractions and food, but are not for use to purchase alcohol, gratuity or to purchase any special or discounted packages. Learn more about Castle Cards here.

How Can I Check The Balance Of My Castle Card?

Easy! Simply check your Castle Card balance here or visit the Check Castle Card Balance page under our Pricing section to check the balance of your card and to add money to your card.

At The Castle, there are balance readers available to swipe your card and check your balance at any time.

Can We Bring In Our Own Food?

With the exception of birthday cakes for Castle hosted parties, we do not permit outside food or drink.

Does The Castle Fun Center Sell Gift Cards?

Sure, Castle Cards are the perfect birthday or holiday gift!

Purchase at any point-of-sale at The Castle or click here to purchase online!

Can I Bring a Birthday Cake To Jester’s Restaurant?

In order to maintain a restaurant atmosphere, we must instill the following policies regarding bringing your own cake and hosting your own party in Jester’s Restaurant:

  • Allotted table time is 1 hour and reservations are required. Additional table time is $75/hr (advanced reservation required as well).
  • All guests must be seated and participate in table service.
  • Please remember, this is a restaurant and we cannot have kids running in and out.
  • All gifts, cake, and possessions must stay at your table.
  • If bringing your own cake, there is a $1 per person plate charge ($10 table minimum).
  • 18% gratuity will be added to your check for your party.
  • As much as we appreciate your wanting to host your own party at the Castle, please keep in mind that we are a party hosting facility. Table seating within the Castle facility is reserved strictly for Castle hosted parties. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Questions Or Inquiries?

For additional questions or inquiries about your next trip to The Castle, feel free to give us a call at (845) 469-2116 or contact us through our website.