Zip Line At The Castle!…

Catch a bird’s eye view of The Castle on our Soaring Eagle Zip Line!

Take FUN to new heights! Discover the sensation of flying in our family friendly, dual seat zip line that soars 130 feet high, 700 feet long with a top speed 30mph as you glide high above The Castle offering a scenic, panoramic view of Orange County New York.

The Castle’s Zip Line is not your average zip line, it is for just about any age rider and allows two people at a time to ride side-by-side, comfortably seated in a formed seat and seat belted. No need to climb to begin your adventure as riders start at ground level and return to the same origination point, giving you 1400 feet of air time.  Once you are seated and safely strapped in, you are pulled up backwards to the peak height where you pause for just a moment. Then, suddenly, you reverse direction for a thrilling zip ride back down to the ground with the wind on your face while accelerating down the suspended cable, you’ll feel like an eagle soaring on this exhilarating ride. Just like a bird, you’ll come in for a graceful landing back at the launch pad.

Reverse-lift and air-brake systems help you soar backwards safely and comfortably.  It’s fast and exciting yet smooth with just the right amount of thrill!

The Zip Line is seasonally available, Spring thru Fall, weather permitting.  You will find the Zip Line Ride at The Castle located on the deck behind Jesters Restaurant & Pub.  You can also access the Zip Line by walking past the Slick Track Go Karts and heading up the deck.  Follow the Zip Line signs!

Height Requirement:  Passenger must be at least 42” tall and fit securely in the restraint systems; passengers between 42” and 47” must be accompanied by a paid adult, 18 years or older.  Max passenger weight is 300 lbs.; max combined two person weight is 450 lbs. combined.

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Zip Line Pricing (Seasonal)

Per Rider (42" min.;
42"-47" must be accompanied by paid adult)
$10.00 per/ride

Zip Line At The Castle Fun Center
Zip Line Ride New York The Castle
Zip Line At The Castle Fun Center

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