Lace Up Your Roller Skates or Roller Blades, & Come Roll With Us!!

The Castle Fun Center is the Tri State Area’s premier Roller Skating Rink offering the best Amusement & Entertainment in the NY, NJ, CT & PA area.

Located right in Chester, New York in the lower Hudson Valley (just 30 miles from Bergen & Rockland Counties; 50 miles from New York City), The Castle Fun Center is the leading Entertainment Center and Roller Skating Rink!

Let the Good Times Roll in our 10,000 Square Foot, Air Conditioned Roller Skating Rink, With Exciting Lighting & Sound Show!

Remember the days you spent at your local roller rink as a teen?  It’s not easy finding a skating rink in the NY or NJ Tri-State Area nowadays to either relive your youth or introduce your kids to skating but we have you covered!  Feeling a bit more adventurous?  Check out our Roller Derby Team here at The Castle!

We have both classic quad roller skates and in-line roller blades to rent, or feel free to bring your own!  All of our Public Skate Sessions welcome skaters of all ages and skating abilities.  And Roller Skating Birthday Parties are a specialty here at The Castle…help your child create everlasting memories with a Roller Skating Birthday Party at The Castle!

September - April / Roller Skating Sessions

Monday thru Wednesday:Closed
Thursdays:3pm - 7:30pm (Public Session)
Fridays:3pm - 7pm (Public Session) & 7:30pm - 10pm (Public Session)
Saturdays:1pm - 5pm (Public Session) & 6pm - 10pm (Public Session)
Sundays:1pm - 5pm (Public Session)

May - June / Roller Skating Sessions

Monday & Tuesday:Closed
Wednesdays:3pm - 6pm (Public Session)
Thursdays:3pm - 7:30pm (Public Session)
Fridays:3pm - 7pm (Public Session) & 7:30pm - 10pm (Public Session)
Saturdays:1pm - 5pm (Public Session) & 6pm - 10pm (Public Session)
Sundays:1pm - 5pm (Public Session)

July - August / Roller Skating Sessions

Monday - Wednesday:1pm - 6pm (Public Session)
Thursdays: 1pm - 6pm (Public Session) & 6:30pm - 9pm (Public Session)
Fridays:1pm - 7pm (Public Session) & 7:30pm - 10pm (Public Session)
Saturdays:1pm - 5pm (Public Session) & 6pm - 10pm (Public Session)
Sundays:1pm - 5pm (Public Session)
Please note that although the rink is closed on Mondays thru Wednesday during the Fall/Winter months, we do have special hours of operation and skate sessions for school holidays (based on the local Orange County school districts).  Please check our calendar for any updated hours and skate sessions.

Beginners Group Roller Skate Lessons

  • Every Saturday 12:15 to 1 pm (please arrive 15 minutes early)
  • No reservations necessary.
  • Lessons are free with the purchase of the skate session that follows!
  • Skate or blade rentals additional.

Roller Skating Attraction Customer Ratings

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Roller Skating Pricing

Daytime Roller Skating Session$8.50 per/person
Evening Roller Skating Session$9.50 per/person
Kids 6 & Under$6.00 per/person
Roller Skate Rentals
Roller Blade Rentals$4.50

Roller Skating Rink Chester NY The Castle
Roller Skates Chester NY The Castle
Hudson Valley Skating Fun The Castle
Click Here To Learn About Roller Skating Benefits

Roller Skating Benefits

  • Studies have shown that roller skating provides a complete aerobic workout and involves all of the body’s muscles, especially the heart.
  • Roller skating is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits-caloric consumption, reduction of body fat, and leg strength development. It is recognized and recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) as an aerobic fitness sport.
  • Just one hour of moderate roller skating burns 330 calories for a 143-pound person. If that same person roller skates vigorously, he or she will burn up to 590 calories in an hour. The number of calories burned per hour while skating at 6 mph is 350 and 600 while skating at 10 mph.
  • According to a study conducted at the University of Massachusetts, in-line skating causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joints compared to running.
  • According to Dr. Carl Foster, associate professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, in-line skating as a form of exercise is as beneficial as running or cycling. (Information from International Inline Skating Association website). If someone roller skates one day, bicycles another, and swims or runs on another, the person will be getting all the fitness benefits that aerobics can offer.
  • During a 30-minute period, on the average, in-line skating at a steady, comfortable rate expends 285 calories and produces a heart rate of 148 beats per minute. (Information from International Inline Skating Association website)


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