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See What Our Guests Are Saying About Us, Read Customer Testimonials For The Castle Fun Center!


Castle Fun Center Testimonials

Below is just a small sampling of some of the wonderful experiences our guests have had at The Castle Fun Center.

Great Time On The Slick Track!

The polished concrete Slick Track is a blast to ride… hop in, buckle up, start your engines and drift!

Steve T
Love hitting up the batting cages here. All in all a good time!

Enjoyed hitting some balls at the batting cages and playing a little mini golf. The grounds are nice and clean, and the course was fun. Didn't ride the Go Karts this time, but have in the past. It's a great little local spot to hang with the kiddos when the weather is great. There is also a huge arcade and skating rink inside. Great family fun spot for sure!!

Ken R
Nice place for a day out with the kids.

Nice place for a day out with the kids. The laser tag and the go carts are a lot of fun... What a blast!!!

Jim S
Awesome Slick Track!

Just went on the new Slick Track!! If you like go karts, this track is AWESOME!

Peter R
We Love The Go Karts

We love the go karts, it seems a rite of passage for my boys to make the height requirement for the road course karts and graduate from the mini indy karts, LOL!

Jean S.
First Time Fun

Watching your 5 year old drive a go kart at The Castle for the first time?... Priceless!!!

Patricia M
Truly A Favorite

A favorite of mine is laser maze. You have to try to complete an obstacle maze without touching any of the laser beams!

Ava N
The Best Place We've Been To!

My wife and I love mini golf and decided to go here on the way home from a trip. They have two 19-hole courses. We chose the Knight's course first because I heard it went way up into the castle (which is does). The design of this course is awesome and so unique! My wife said it was like the best place she's been to! I agree, the hole design was incredible, especially going up into the castle! Hopefully someday we get to go back and try the Dragon course! By the way, it was crazy hot, but there is lots of shade! Also, some water features made a bit of a nice mist!

Don Y
The Dragon Breathes Fire

The mini golf is good if you like unique, novel obstacles. Each hole was completely different including water hazards, tubes, hills, blind corners, and even a climb to the top of the castle. There's a bonus hole after the 18th that if you make it, you get a free game and the dragon breathes fire!

Gary C
We Enjoy Coming Here To Roller-Skate

We enjoy coming here to roller-skate. They have a nice size rink and its reasonably priced. The kids also enjoy the arcade. They also have a climbing wall and go-karts which we haven't tried yet, but probably will in the near future. Its a great place to go for indoor fun, especially during the winter months.

Billy R
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The Castle Fun Center's activities include InflataPark, Ballocity, Bowling, Roller Skating, Laser Maze, Rides, Zip Line, Rock Climbing, Laser Tag, Arcade, Go Karts, and Mini Golf with Jesters Restaurant and Pub located on the main level of The Castle. Also, The Castle Golf Driving Range & Batting Cages located just a half mile up the road in Goshen, NY.
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