A Classic Favorite, The Swing Ride, at The Castle Fun Center

The swing ride, also called wave swinger, the swing carousel, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes and more, is a thrill ride that has bought excitement to generations and now to our guests here at The Castle Fun Center.  Located right in Chester, New York in the lower Hudson Valley (just 30 miles from Bergen & Rockland Counties; 50 miles from New York City)!

The Swing Ride is an outdoor, seasonally available attraction (weather permitting Spring thru October).

Experience our Swing Ride!

First, you and 31 brave flyers will strap into your open-air seat with your legs dangling above the ground. The Swing Ride starts to swing you around in a circle as you elevate to the very top of the tower to touch the sky.  Our Swing Ride is a great addition to any child’s Castle Birthday Party!

What To Expect

Get ready to feel the action of unique lifting, spinning and tilting seats.

The Castle Fun Center’s swing ride is a motorized ride which rotates around a central point. Your seat is suspended from a canopy high above you by chains.  Once the ride begins you will rise high into the sky, soaring in circles!

Must be 42″ to ride alone; 36″ to ride with an adult.

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Swing Ride Pricing (Seasonal)

Per Rider (42"+ alone; 36" w adult)$5.25 per/ride


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