Mini Golf Tournament Details

Choose a Saturday or Sunday morning from 10am-1pm. The Castle charges your organization $5 for each player; you set your admission price at $10 or up.

Obtain corporate sponsors for each of the 18 holes, suggesting a $50 donation or more per hole. You can double your sponsors by offering both a hole and a tee sponsor for each of the 18 holes. Print out each sponsors logo onto 11 x 17paper (landscape) and slide them into the sign holders that we have here. You will put them out at each corresponding hole. Promote, promote, promote! Get the word out on this event; email lists, mailing lists, website listings, social media outlets, newspaper, radio, flyers, etc.

Let us know and we can supply you with a couple of the newspaper calendar listing contacts that we have, as well as list your event on our website calendar.

Day of the Event…

Please arrive by 9:30am to set up. We will provide you with a table and chairs for registration.

You will need 2 people volunteering at this table to register players and receive payment. Feel free to bring a fold up tent and banners, etc. to hang here to promote your organization. You will also need to provide 2 volunteers to take charge of the sponsor signs; the signs easily slip into the sign holder and then they need to be distributed to the appropriate holes on the course.

Throughout the event we suggest 2 or 3 course spotters walking the course for assistance.

Time to tee off!…

There are two options: shot gun start (everyone begins play at the same time, starting on different holes) or players begin as they arrive anytime between 10am and 12 noon.

Scores are tallied; we suggest the top 12 (lowest scores) in each category go on for a sudden-death final. Suggested categories for family events are: Ages 4-11, Ages 12-17 and Adults. Prizes are supplied by you, or Castle cards can be purchased with value or individual activities can be purchased from The Castle Fun Center. Suggested age for play is 4years to adult with a 5 stroke maximum for each hole. Also available, catering by The Castle for a registration breakfast buffet or BBQ lunch to complete the day!

$250 deposit required to cover the 50 player minimum upon booking.

To book your mini golf tournament at The Castle, please call Sue at 845-469-2116 ext. 7000 or email

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