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Fantastaic Fun!
Ok - let's talk about the 800 lb elephant in the room ... COVID! They had people at every level, every ride who were so hyper focused on cleaning / disinfecting, from the seats and steering wheels at the Go-Carts to the Joysticks and buttons at the Arcade and everything in between. Temperature checks, hand sanitizer everywhere ... they got their act together - NO WORRIES! p.s I work with the Dept of Public Health so I say this all with a healthy degree of confidence! Now the fun stuff ... all of it! OMG so glad to have them back open. Decided to have a fun day with both my kids and did #AllTheThings; Zip Line, Go-Carts, Slick Carts, Rock Wall, Lazer Tag (a few times), Lazer Maze and about $60 on Mrs.PacMan alone The cafe was the best though - the nicest people (with killer hair) and SOOOOO happy to be back open for all of us. If you can go - GO, and leave your covid concerns in the car, this place is spot on and worth the time and money if not just for the fun then for the "normal" again with the family! Thanks everyone - can't wait to come back!