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Great date option!
A somewhat impromptu visit to this location proved to be a wise decision. On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, my partner and I easily found parking in their large lot. We weren't really sure where to go, so we took a guess and made our way inside what appeared to be the main building. There, we were able to view the "menu" of activities and put money onto a card that would be swiped at each activity. Between the two of us, it was a little over $50 for one go-kart ride, a zipline ride, and mini golf each. I think we both felt we got a bang for our buck, especially as we were zoomed backwards on their zipline. We enjoyed go-kart racing, opting for the slick track. One of the ride attendants was kind enough to store my purse off to the side while I drove. We finished out our time there with mini golf, which had 18 holes. We ended up behind another couple who was waiting for a large group (even though it's supposed to be limited) to finish out their rounds, but we skipped over them and decided to go back later. The course was fairly challenging, my ball even rolled off into the water they have throughout the area. There were some parts of the course that were a bit creepy, including some dark indoor areas, which I wasn't exactly a fan of. Overall, we had a total blast during our visit and recommend checking it out with family/friends or for date night.