Cleaning Procedures


Family Entertainment Centers and Amusement Parks around the country provide an outlet for thousands of kids each month to burn off some energy. At The Castle Fun Center, keeping our facilities safe and clean for these kids is the number one priority.

We take cleanliness very seriously which is why are Certified Germ Expert!

The Castle Fun Center utilizes long lasting Residual Antimicrobial Technology that inhibits the growth of microbes. This unique Fog application applied by our experts provide, complete coverage of a Hospital Grade disinfectant that kills a multitude of harmful microbes.

Treatment Process

The DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process combines fogging / spraying / misting technologies that treat facilities with a proprietary blend of high powered disinfectants, cleaners and RAZOR Antimicrobial Coating™.

The DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process proven to kill 99.99% of harmful microbes and inhibit microbial growth reducing cross contamination.

Facility Certification

Once a facility is Treated and Tested, DIS.IN.FX® then certifies the facility Germ Expert Certified™. A facility is considered Germ Expert Certified™ when all ATP test results are under the recommended Germ Expert Threshold for the facilities’ industry.

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