Laser Maze is Pure Thrill For The Entire Family

Laser Maze at The Castle Fun Center gives you the thrill of maneuvering through a dense field of laser beams while racing against time!  Located right in Chester, New York in the lower Hudson Valley (just 30 miles from Bergen & Rockland Counties; 50 miles from New York City)!

Do you have what it takes to complete the “mission impossible” task at The Castle Fun Center? Can you get through the Laser Maze without touching any of the laser beams?

Once you swipe your Castle card to play and choose your skill level, you’ll step into the room to activate the laser beams.  From there, you will crawl, bend, jump and weave through a laser maze of colored lasers as fast as possible while trying to avoid breaking the laser beams. The faster you move through the Frenzy, the better your score.  But be careful.  Each time you break a laser beam, the intruder alert siren sounds – taking with it both points and your focus. Balance and great hand-eye coordination are key to mastering this game. Do you have what it takes to make your mission possible?

Inside Laser Maze at The Castle Fun Center, players must draw on their speed, agility, and balance to navigate through a field of lasers as quickly as possible, while engaging Mission Objectives along the way. If any laser beams are broken, a time penalty is added to the player’s score. In Laser Maze the faster the time and the lower the score, the better!  See if you can make it all the way through each level:  Easy, Hard, Medium and Expert!

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Laser Maze The Castle Fun Center
Laser Maze at The Castle Hudson Valley

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