The Castle Fun Center Testimonials

Below is just a small sampling of some of the wonderful experiences our guests have had at The Castle Fun Center.

Literally You Have A Ball In Ballocity!

Literally you have a ball in ballocity! If you could only see my daughter’s giggling face as the dumping bucket covers her with the foam balls, she couldn’t get enough of it

Where Else Can You Blast Your Kids?

As a single dad, where else can you blast your kids (and let them blast you!) with foam balls! We come at least once a month!

Free Fall Was Amazing

Ever been in a car and you get that feeling going over a bump? Imagine that feeling times 1000, LOL, it was amazing! Best part is you don’t know when that will happen because it’s random, I could ride it all day long!

Really Challenging!

Me and my girlfriend raced each other (not going to say who won!), it’s not only fun but really challenging!

Great Time On The Slick Track!

The polished concrete Slick Track is a blast to ride… hop in, buckle up, start your engines and drift!