The Castle Fun Center Testimonials

Below is just a small sampling of some of the wonderful experiences our guests have had at The Castle Fun Center.

So different from when I was a kid! Came here with my son and there is a lot to do for the price. Its like a carnival and Chuckie cheese rolled into one with the added benefits of mini golf, batting cages, roller rink and go carts.

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Love hitting up the batting cages here. All in all a good time!

Enjoyed hitting some balls at the batting cages and playing a little mini golf. The grounds are nice and clean, and the course was fun. Didn't ride the Go Karts this time, but have in the past. It's a great little local spot to hang with the kiddos when the weather is great. There is also a huge arcade and skating rink inside. Great family fun spot for sure!!

Nice place for a day out with the kids.

Nice place for a day out with the kids. The laser tag and the go carts are a lot of fun... What a blast!!!

Awesome Slick Track!

Just went on the new Slick Track!! If you like go karts, this track is AWESOME!

We Love The Go Karts

We love the go karts, it seems a rite of passage for my boys to make the height requirement for the road course karts and graduate from the mini indy karts, LOL!

First Time Fun

Watching your 5 year old drive a go kart at The Castle for the first time?... Priceless!!!

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