The Castle Fun Center Skating Rink is home to the Empire State Roller Derby Team!

What is Roller Derby?

roller-derby-castle-fun-center-chester-nyRoller Derby is a contact sport played by professional teams as well as amateur teams.

The rules of Roller Derby vary between leagues, but usually two teams of five players each skate pack-style counter-clockwise around a thin track.

The two positions in Roller Derby are Blockers and Jammers and the pivots are blockers that set the initial pace at the start of the Roller Derby.

Jammers in Roller Derby try to get through the pack and the first one who does is the lead Jammer.

roller-derby-game-castle-fun-center-chester-nyThe lead Jammer has the right to stop the jam, and the decision to do so is considered a strategic one in Roller Derby. Points are scored in Roller Derby when the Jammers go through the pack a second time.

Blockers do their best to stop the opposing Jammers, but they also have to help their own Jammers move through the pack by doing what is known as whipping. Whipping means pulling or pushing the Jammers and the jam is over either when it is called off by the lead Jammer, or when a set period of time is reached such as two minutes.

Upcoming Roller Derby Games at The Castle Fun Center Schedule

The 2018 Roller Derby Game Schedule coming soon!