3 Exciting Go Kart Tracks... Fun For Go Kart Racers Of ALL Ages!

Aerial view of our Go Kart Tracks at The Castle Fun Center in Chester, NY

Our Go Kart Tracks Are Open Year Round!

The Castle Fun Center has 3 adrenaline pumping Go Kart tracks, catering to all Go Karting ages and skill levels. Whether you're looking for a place for a party, a way to unwind, or a unique type of corporate event, our Go Kart racing tracks provide a fun, exciting way to experience Go Kart racing.

Mini Indy Go Kart Track

This figure-eight Mini Indy Go Kart rack with a bridge gives excitement to our youngest riders to experience driving for the first time!

Mini Indy Go Kart Track Requirement:  42" or taller & 5 years and up to drive.

Road Course Go Kart Track

The Castle Fun Center Road Course Go Cart Track is close to 1/4 mile of contoured road course for single and double Go Karts. The excitement never ends with these fast-paced Road Course Go Karts!  Both single road course karts and double seated go karts run on this track.

Single Go Kart Requirement:  54" or taller to drive.

Double Seated Go Kart Requirement:  18 years or older to drive; passenger 40" or taller.

Slick Go Kart Track

Grab your friends and challenge each other on our competitive new Slick Track! 

Slick Track Go Karts have powerful engines with live axles making the Go Karts break loose through every corner, creating a real race experience you will definitely enjoy! The polished concrete Slick Track is a blast to ride... hop in, buckle up, start your engines and drift! 

Slick Go Kart Track Requirement:  14 years old and at least 60 inches or taller to drive the slick track. The Slick Go Cart Track cannot operate if the track is wet.

* Our Go Kart tracks run year round, however, they are outdoors and may close during inclement weather or freezing temperatures.

Go Kart Attraction Pricing

Mini Indy Go Kart
$5.50 per/ride
Road Course Single Go Kart
$6.50 per/ride
Road Course Double Seat Go Kart
$7.50 per/ride
Slick Track Go Kart
$7.50 per/ride